Colorbond Fencing Canberra

Colorbond Fencing Canberra

Colorbond is one of the most popular fencing brands in Canberra. If you want a Colorbond fence around your space, you will find the best options from ACT Fencing Canberra. We offer complete installation, maintenance and repairs, if any, for Colorbond fences.

At ACT Fencing, you can buy Colorbond fencing in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. They are available in standard heights of 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m.

So why should you choose a Colorbond fence?

Very Attractive

Colorbond fences are made using precision engineering that gives them the perfectly clean and crisp lines. These fences look great from the both sides.

Varied Hues

Colorbond fences are available in fourteen attractive colours. Match the hues of your garden or building to the fence and find a fence colour that complements the rest of the space.

Highly Durable

Unlike timber fences, Colourbond fences are made out of steel and are resistant to rotting or termite attacks. They are fire resistant to a high degree. Colourbond fences have been tested by CSIRO and the Bushfire Co-operative Council and are found to be highly fire resistant. So, in more ways than one, Colourbond fences canberra are highly durable.

Easy to Maintain

Colorbond Fences need very little maintenance. As long as the bottom of the fence is clear of soil and organic debris, you don’t have to worry about maintaining these fences. All you need to do is give the fence a wash down occasionally.

Buy Genuine Colorbond Fences from ACT Fencing

At ACT Fencing & Construction, we source Colorbond fences from trusted suppliers to bring you completely authentic products. So, when you buy from ACT Fencing, you can be sure of getting the best Colorbond fencing canberra has to offer.

We customise Colorbond fences for you. You can choose to have timber sleepers at the base of the fence.

Simply, discuss your requirements with us and consider it done.

When you buy Colorbond Fences at ACT Fences, you get 10 years manufacturing guarantee.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote on 0431 812 859

Actual colors may vary from the image shown.