Tubular Pool Fencing Canberra

Tubular Pool Fencing Canberra

A pool in your backyard opens up a whole lot of opportunities to entertain, relax or just spend some quality time with your family. However, having a pool is not enough. According to the law in Australia, you need to install a safety fence and a gate around your pool. ACT Fencing Canberra is your destination for safe and strong fences.

Among the different options available for pool fencing, tubular fences are one of the best choices. They allow enough visibility in the pool area while also standing as a strong protective barrier.

At ACT Canberra, we offer installation and repair of high quality aluminium or steel tubular pool fencing. All the pool fences we stock comply with the Building Code of Australia. Our expert Canberra fencing team has the expertise to install and repair both commercial and residential pool fences.

Pool Safety Regulations

According to the Building Code of Australia, pool fences must adhere to some important safety parameters.

  • Fence and gate should be at least 1.2m high.
  • Gaps in the fence should not be more than 100mm.
  • Vertical supports in the fence and gate should be non-climbable.
  • Land boundary fence that overlaps with the pool fence should be at least 1.8m high.

The Building Code of Australia mentions several other safety parameters for pool fences. Different parameters need to be kept in mind during installation of fences. For instance, the gate provided with the pool fence should have hinged doors that swing away from the pool area. Also, outdoor pools must not be accessible through a door from the building.

At ACT Fencing Canberra, we comply by all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Building Code of Australia. We ensure adherence to all the regulations stipulated for installation and repair.

Extensive Range

We keep bringing the latest in Canberra fencing products.

If you are looking for fencing contractors canberra who offer the best choices in tubular pool fencing, install it to perfection and repair them whenever required, call ACT Fencing Canberra.

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